El Calabozo Escape Room

You have been found guilty of a crime. Your sentence is to die on the gallows, but you have one last chance to live before the executioner realizes your escape plans.

This game has a fully immersive environment with magnificent special effects, including dim lighting, sudden sounds, water, and scents.

Genre: Criminal Thriller

# of Players: 2-7

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 7/10

Age: 8+

What do our customers say?

Cristina Arboleda: “We loved it, had a great time, and almost made it. It’s an ideal activity to enjoy with family and do something different. Highly recommended.”
Cristina Gutiérrez Lucero: “The best experience I have had with my friends to have fun”
Iván Gualotuña: “Excellent experience! I’m recently visiting this type of activity, and so far, this option is the best! Great organization, excellent service quality, and very friendly staff.”

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