La Casa Antigua Escape Room

A little girl, two crazy old folks, and you (the investigator) will be the protagonists of a disappearance. What you didn’t know is that in this crime scene house, the darkest mysteries of Quito’s legends are locked away.

This game offers a completely immersive environment with magnificent special effects, including dim lighting, sudden sounds, and scents.

Genre: Colonial Thriller

# of players: 2-9

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Age: 8+

What do our customers say?

Stalin Apolo: “Very good theme with legends from Ecuador, I thought it was great, had a lot of fun, and I hope to come back to complete the other rooms.”
Veronica Cordero: “A very fulfilling experience, we enjoyed it. I recommend the Old House game; we liked it a lot.”
Marta Puig Garcia: “A very good experience playing the ‘La Casa Antigua’ room! The setting is great, maintaining a constant level of suspense and a few surprises. Highly recommended for people starting in the world of escape rooms.”

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