Dimensión Desconocida Escape Room

Everything is unknown.

This game has a completely immersive environment with magnificent special effects, including smoke and colored lights.

Genre: Science Fiction

# of Players: 2-7

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Medium - High

Age: 8+

What do our customers say?

Tanis Elliott: “Unknown Dimension: Another excellent escape room from Room Escape Ecuador. Our family has done all of the RE escape rooms, and each one offers fun and unique challenges. We look forward to seeing new rooms in the near future. Congratulations on the quality of fun and service you provide! Best wishes. Jácome-Elliott Family.”
Gemma M: “Fun and with puzzles and riddles for all participants, no one is left without anything to do. We will return. UNKNOWN DIMENSION.”
Jona V: “One of the best experiences, I’ve already been twice and both times I had a great time. The rooms are interactive, and all the escape rooms have great attention to detail. Likewise, the service is very good. An ideal activity to go with a group of friends.”

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