Apocalipsis Zombie Escape Room

Quito is overrun by zombies. You and your team have the power to stop this pandemic before it’s too late. Disable a gas bomb, find the genetic code, and escape alive.

This game features a fully immersive environment with stunning special effects, including: dim lighting, sudden sounds, and smoke. Additionally, it is required that at least one team member can crawl.

Genre: Horror Survival

# of Players: 4-12

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: High

Age: 12+

What do our customers say?

Vicente A: “The first time I try this type of game, they are incredible. I’m from Quito. You’ll surely have a great time, you can even go with a group of 12 people to the zombie experience! If you visit Quito, don’t miss it!”
Katherine Daniela Tirado Gutierrez: “Excellent game, a great experience! We won the zombie apocalypse. Alpha Squad Wonderful Wolf Team!”
Diana Freire: “Super cool to share with friends, discover skills, and feel the fear in Zombie Apocalypse”

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