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Experience this thrilling adventure inside our exciting escape rooms, designed to challenge and unite your work team like never before!

How can we help you?

Improve Mood

Solving puzzles increases dopamine production in your brain, helping your team feel motivated and optimistic.

Lower Stress Levels

External worries and stress disappear as your brain enters the ‘Alpha’ state, making you more relaxed, calm, and serene.

Increase Productivity

It resets your brain so it is easier to focus and enhances the ability to solve problems more quickly and effectively.

Boost Collaboration

Escape rooms are an excellent way to interact with others. It allows your team to work together to enhance their communication and collaboration skills.

Escape Rooms

Juego de Escape Calabozo

Criminal Thriller

Escape from this fearsome dungeon before the executioner awakens

Up to 7 players
Difficulty: Medium – High

Juego de escape Casa Antigua

Colonial Thriller

Escape from this colonial house before the elderly killers return

Up to 9 players
Difficulty: Medium

Juego de Escape Dimensión Desconocida

Science Fiction


Up to 7 players
Difficulty: Medium – High

Juego de escape Apocalipsis Zombie

Survival Horror

Prevent this zombie apocalypse from destroying the city of Quito

Up to 12 players
Difficulty: High

Juego de escape para empresas Infiltrado

Cyber Espionage

Investigate this act of cyberterrorism before it’s too late

Up to 100 players
Difficulty: Extreme

$$13 per person (includes a shot of life elixir)

Get more than just an hour of fun!

Videos and Photos

Included in the Price

Team Performance Evaluation

Only $22 per team

Debriefing Session

$90 for 60 minutes (Maximum 35 people)


Variable Price

What do our clients say?

Pati Balarezo: «Very good activity! I liked the atmosphere, attention to detail, and customer service. I enjoyed it a lot, highly recommended for fostering teamwork»
Jorge Aguirre: «A place to carry out activities with work teams or your group of friends, it tests your mental and social skills. Excellent themes»
Marcelo J: «The truth is, I’ve already been to all the escape rooms in this establishment, and I think it’s one of the best, if not the best in Quito. The experience is unique and very real»

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