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What is an escape room?

It’s an adventure game, in which you have to solve a series of mysteries, riddles, and enigmas in order to escape.

One Story

A game with much adrenaline, in which you will experience exciting emotions.

One Team

You and your team will test your skills to solve the clues together

One Hour

Each adventure has a limited time. Do you think you can make it?

Choose your Adventure

Juego de Escape Calabozo

Criminal Suspense

You were found guilty of a crime. Your sentence is to die on the gallows. Yet, you have one last chance to live before the executioner realizes about your plans to escape.

60 minutes

2-7 players

Price: $12

Difficulty: High

Juego de escape Casa Antigua

Colonial Thriller

One girl, two crazy elderly and you (the investigator) will be the main characters of a rare disappearance. What you didn’t know is that the darkest mysteries of the legends of Quito live inside this crime house.

60 minutes

2-9 players

Price: $12

Difficulty: Medium/High

Juego de Escape Dimensión Desconocida

Science Fiction


60 minutes

2-7 players

Price: $12

Difficulty: Medium/High

Juego de escape Apocalipsis Zombie

Survival Horror

Quito is invaded by zombies. You and your team have the power to stop this pandemic before it’s too late. Defuse a bomb, neutralize a gas and find the genetic code.

60 minutes

6-12 players

Price: $13

Difficulty: Extreme

Juego de escape para empresas Infiltrado

Cyber Espionage

There is an infiltrator inside your company and their intentions are not pleasant at all. Stop them from stealing valuable information before they unleash a terrible cyber war.

120 minutes

20-100 players

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Team building in Room Escape Ecuador

Improve Your Team Skills with a Fun Activity

Did you know that solving puzzles positively impacts the development of your team?

How does Room Escape Ecuador benefit you?

Improve Mood

Solving puzzles increases the dopamine production in your brain which helps your team to feel motivated and optimistic.

Lower Stress Levels

External worries and stress disappear because your brain gets into the “Alpha” state, therefore is more relaxed, calm and serene.

Increase Productivity

It resets your brain so it is easier to concentrate and enhance the ability to solve problems faster and more effective.

Boost Collaboration

Escape rooms are a great way to interact with others. It allows your team to work together and improve their communication and collaborative skills..

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Cumpleaños en Room Escape Ecuador

What do our clients say ?

Marco Vaca: «Excellent experience! I am new into these types of activities and so far, this option is the best! A lot of organization, excellent quality of service, and very friendly staff »
Edwin Andrade: «Recommended for puzzle, clues and mystery lovers who like to solve problems and find solutions to escape from confinement. The customer service is warm and timely, I recommend it 100%; an experience you will not regret »
Saidy Larrea: «The best escape room. Very good infrastructure. Super experience!! So much fun and it’s worth it! The zombie apocalypse is very good! Definitely recommended, they have an excellent service, keep it up guys»
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