Online Escape Game


1 – 6 Players

The future of humanity is in your hands!

Requirements: PC or Laptop – Headphones for a better experience – Good internet connection

Real Scenography

Navigate in a real set with 360º pictures. Don’t miss any detail

Solve the Mysteries

Open doors, locks and interact with real objects to accomplish your mission

Difficulty: Medium

Excellent for all types of player, from the new ones to the most experienced

Limited Time

The game is designed to be finished in 90 minutes or less. But once started, you have 48h to finish

Play when you want

After the payment, your link will not expire, unless you click start

Up to 6 devices

You and your friends can play and communicate with each other through Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime or any other video call system

Dynamic System

All players can see each others cursor, so you can help each other to solve the mysteries


Hint System

You can use the hint system at any time. We recommend using it only if is strictly necessary

Take Notes

While playing, you may need paper and pencil at certain times


Dr. Agustin Heineken works for the Secret Forces of Room Escape. He and his colleagues developed several experiments to improve the human race. However, something went out of control and one big mistake caused a great damage: the first Zombie virus was created. This virus changes people to be destructive, ambitious, smarter and bloodthirsty. The virus quickly spreaded inside the secret lab. Heineken lost all of his co-workers in this horrible event. In his despair he activated a bomb and a toxic gas to end this nightmare. But this is another terrible mistake. So now, it’s your turn to save the world.


Deactivate the Toxic Gas

Deactivate the Bomb

Find the Genetic Code

Escape and Survive

Juego online escape room
Open real locks and doors
Juego online escape room

Interact with cool elements

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  1. Justin Elder

    Lots of fun – without the clues, we would have been wicked lost tho.. lots to do in 90 min while also learning how to navigate and operate the look features. Glad there were 3 of us! Lots of fun tho!

  2. Ruth Curtis

    Zombie Apocalypse was soo much fun! definitely a difficult room that works the brain cells! Worth every penny and more you definitely need the 90 mins to complete the room and if I ever get to Ecuador I would definitely be going and playing all the rooms there!

  3. Krista Jones

    This game is jam-packed and there’s lots to do in 90 minutes! I loved how it encouraged communication and cooperation among team members. It definitely made me wish that I could play the game in-person in Quito!

  4. Jhonathan Escobar

    Great Game! we had lots of fun… if you want a great challenge is 1000% recommended.

  5. Ingrid

    Great game! Loved it :)

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